Saturday, March 21, 2009

Arsenal 3-1 Newcastle, Gunners Explode at St. James Park

Arsenal produced another spectacular result this afternoon, gaining three points in style on a day that left defeated Manchester United and Chelsea shaking their heads. The first half proved to be a frenzied affair that saw good play by both sides. Spanish star goalkeeper Manuel Almunia made the save of the day as he staved off Obafemi Martins' attempt from the spot. Having recently proved himself in the Roma shootout, Almunia played a vital role in today's victory. The match began to sizzle in the second half as all four goals were scored in under twenty minutes from the restart. A nine minute explosion saw Bentner give Arsenal the lead (57), Newcastle draw level (58), and Van Persie assist Diaby (63) and Nasri (66) to shut the game down. Unbeaten in the last 16 Premier League matches, Arsenal have definitely regained their form and are on quite a run. Newcastle on the other hand seem to be making plans for a spell in the Championship next year. In other PL news, Man U lost their second in a row in a 2-0 shutout delivered by Fulham. Chelsea wasted the opportunity with their 1-0 loss to Tottenham. Aston Villa play Liverpool tomorrow, but it looks as if the Gunners are safe in fourth for the time being. Of today's positive result, Arsene Wenger commented: "It was a good opportunity today, to close in on those at the top. You never know, even in a one in a billion chance, we want to come back and fight to get as close to the team at the top."

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