Monday, September 26, 2011

Gunners On the Move, Arsenal 3-0 Bolton

Arsenal are moving up the table thanks to a solid win before a near capacity crowd at Emirates Stadium on Saturday.  The day marked Robin Van Persie's 100th goal for the North London Gunners and it seems that the Arsenal have made great strides to improving their form as of late.  The win comes at a good time as the Gunners prepare for their Champion's League match against Olypiacos on Wednesday.

There was nothing exceptional to report from the first half.  Bolton looked to grab a quick goal in the early minutes, but as time wore on, the hosts began to dominate possession.  At the break, neither side had reward for their efforts but that would soon change.

RVP scores 100 for the Gunners!
It was a scant forty seconds after the restart and Robin Van Persie had found the net!  Gervinho lay felled at midfield but the official allowed play to continue.  Moments later, the Flying Dutchman pinpointed the ball just between the keeper and the post.  It was the beginning of a trying second half for the Wanderers.  Van Persie would have several more good looks at goal, but his century for the club came in the 72nd minute.  Walcott stormed the right flank, as he has a habit of doing, delivered a textbook cross, and all the Arsenal skipper had to do was shin the ball into the net.  It was an important moment for the striker, but equally important were the implications for the entire team.  The pressure had been released and the Gunners were free to fire away.  Song added the icing on the cake in the final minute of regulation.  Sagna did the tricky footwork then laid off to his teammate who curled the ball into the top corner of the net with a fantastic shot.

It was a good day for Arsenal and a proud moment for captain Robin Van Persie.  The forwards had freedom to attack uninhibited because of a consistent defensive performance that has been lacking recently.  Laurent Koscielny had a particularly impressive game and contributed a great deal in the 3-0 result.  Arsenal will score goals.  Those goals will win matches when they are paired with equally impressive defensive solidarity.  Next up, the Gunners host Greek Champions Olypiacos at midweek.  This may be their easiest assignment in group play.  Thats why a big result with plenty of goals is what will be required.

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